Yep, In My White Tee

Yep, In My White Tee

Have you ever noticed how underrated a crisp t-shirt can be? We love carrying some great accessories at Standards, and we know picking out the right outfit can be a challenge. The easiest solution? Pair your comfiest jeans, our favorite t-shirt, and some OTK boots! The added accessories gives this a more polished look on an otherwise basic outfit. The best thing about a t-shirt is that it is timeless. Our accessories are priced reasonably so you can mix and match pieces to change the outcome of your outfit. The t-shirts we carry are some of our best sellers because we encourage our customers to purchase items that are versatile in their closets. We love a basic t-shirt under a blazer for work, as much as we love a t-shirt paired with joggers and tennis shoes. Use the code BLOG15 for your discount on your next purchase. 

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  • Absolutely love those OTK boots! Amazing what accessories can do for an otherwise basic outfit! Love it!

    Jennifer Osborne

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