Standards Goes to Nashville!

Standards Goes to Nashville!

We just returned from an epic trip to Nashville, Tennessee for our Nashville Magic Trade Show. Our schedule was so jammed pack that I'm just now reflecting on everything we did a week later!

So, I had originally planned on going to the trade show, as I did the year before, with my daughters. However, my youngest daughter is in College and its Final Season. So, no way was she able to go this year!

I knew I was going to be at the show at least 1 day, and we decided to include a fun photoshoot on the trip. I'm so thankful that Jennifer, our photographer, was able to come down to shoot, and Heather, Keyton and Gracie were able to model some of our Western Wear in Nashville! How perfect is that?!

We all stayed at different spots, but we arrived at the same-time on Tuesday around 4pm. We wanted to start shooting around Golden Hour, so after a quick freshen up, met at The Acme at 6pm. Squeezed in a couple of songs by the band performing before we started the shoot even! The girls only did 3 outfit changes to make it the least complicated as possible. I highly recommend anyone thats doing outdoor photoshoots to bring along a changing pop up tent! Jennifer had the perfect size for us! We ended the shoot at 8pm, the same time of our dinner reservations. 

Keyton is a talented Country Singer, who goes to Nashville almost every other week, so she was our Nashville expert that picked the best place to eat dinner on Bradway, Sixty Vines. It was so nice to sit down and relax with a nice meal and cocktails with our spouses, after running around for 2 hours shooting! Yes, photoshoots are so fun but exhausting as heck! 

After dinner, we went Honky Tonkin to no less than 4 places. The 1st spot was Kid Rocks place, which was totally my jam because they played hard rock. However, I knew everyone else wanted to hear some good country tunes, so we headed to Tootsies. I cant recall where we went after that lol

We headed back to our room about 1am so I could get some Zs. My 1st appt at magic was at 10am. After much coffee, I went live at 10am, selling some amazing pieces that are on the website now. After the live-selling, it was just free time shopping! I loved seeing everyones outits there! Boutique owners are the most creative in their looks! No one was afraid of the Barbie Core / Western Wear Trend! Lots of Pink, Fringe & Sparkle! I ordered mostly Fall & Pre-Fall items but did order a few immediates as well as so much jewelry that will be in very soon! My husband and I went to the After Party at The Stage on Broadway where we got the cutest Cowboy Boot Shape Koozie!

Nasville was a great way to connect with the team and have a good time. I'm not sure anything can top Vegas for me, but since Nashville is just 4 hours away it was a great opportunity to have some of the girls come too! Thanks for following us & drop me a line with any Nashville or Small Business Owner questions you may have! 




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